The answer is two wins. Noh and Ko both get their first PGA & LPGA tour wins respectively as Tour members. Both youngsters (ages 22 & 19) showed extreme calm and consistency as they came down the stretch. Two other notable situations occurred over the weekend. John Peterson had to deal with a moveable obstruction. Why is the a story? It was an alligator who was right next to his ball. He used a sand rake and prodded the gator a few times to get him to move away from the ball and back into the lake. At the LPGA event, Dewi Claire Scheefel collected her biggest payday of the year. No she didn’t win or even finish in the top 10. She collected $100,000 for her first ACE on tour.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen many gators on courses here in the Myrtle Beach Golf area. I certainly wouldn’t go sticking a rake at them. After all, it’s just a ball and there are several more in the bag. Yes I know it was a tournament – I’m just saying….  Why not set up a Myrtle Beach Golf Package and include a course or two where gators have been spotted – Blackmoor and Oyster Bay come quickly to mind.

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