Golf Masters Policies

Golfmasters Policies

Below are some Golfmasters Policies that we ask everyone using our services to abide by:

Booking Procedures

• After we have determined your preferred course and/or accommodation selections, we will check availability for the course and accommodations as you requested. If we have any problems we will contact you as soon as possible to lay out your options. We will then notify you by email or phone what has been booked for your package. If any changes need to be made, let us know immediately, so we can finalize your package. Your deposit will be processed after the golf and/or lodging has been confirmed. A first confirmation will be emailed to you and if you have not already done so, we require a Fifty Dollar(US) per package deposit within 72 hours to hold your golf vacation.
• After your final payment is processed (no later than twenty-one days prior to your arrival), we will e-mail your final confirmation which includes the various golf vouchers.
• We also require your balance to be paid 21 days prior to your arrival unless you have made other arrangements with Myrtle Beach Golfmasters.
• After receipt of your final payment, a final confirmation e-mail with the address to your accommodation property, check-in procedures, golf course addresses and golf
vouchers will be e-mailed to your group leader.
• Packages not paid in full 21 days prior to arrival are subject to cancellation by Myrtle Beach Golfmasters. The package cancellation will never occur without MBGM attempting to contact the group leader.
• If you are booking the package within 21 days of your arrival, full payment is required upon booking. After processing your full payment, we will e-mail your final confirmation which includes the various golf vouchers.


Cancellation Fees

We cannot guarantee that any partial or full cancellations will be accepted by the golf courses within 4 days of arrival or lodging properties within 21 days of arrival. Cancellation fees are at the discretion of your group leaders Golf Director
• 22+ days prior to arrival: $25 per person plus any prepaid or non-refundable fees.
• 5-21 days prior to arrival: $50 per person plus any prepaid or non-refundable fees.
• 0-4 days prior to arrival no cancellations or refunds without MBGM approval
Cancellation fees may differ for individuals who cancel out of a group. The package price per person when lodging is included can also change thus impacting the remaining members of the group. The cancellation fee will be determined on an individual basis after MBGM confers with the group leader.
• Lodging is offered on a discounted pricing basis and is therefore non-refundable once it has been paid for.

Unforeseen circumstances can possibly change your plans. You might want to consider purchasing trip insurance to protect your trip investment. Trip insurance can cover you in the case of unforeseen events that impact your travel plans both before and during your trip. There are many companies that offer such coverage and in general, the cost of trip insurance is usually in the 3-7% of the total package cost depending on the coverage elected. These companies also offer coverage on an individual basis as well if the group doesn’t want to make the purchase.



• We understand that changes are sometimes necessary and we will do our best to accommodate your request. However, as changes are time consuming for us, we ask that you please try to limit your changes to no more than two. After two changes, we reserve the right to charge you $15 per change.
• PLEASE – no changes within 48 hours of arrival.


Rain Checks

• All area golf courses have a no-show policy throughout the year, which means you forfeit your money if you don’t show up. If your group encounters inclimate weather during your stay, you must SHOW UP AT THE GOLF COURSE FOR YOUR TEE TIME and turn in your voucher. The decision is made by the golf course who may offer you a Rain Check as compensation.



• Area golf courses do not give refunds unless the course is closed for play. Once a golf package begins, no refunds are made for any portion of the package unless there is a course closure. MBGM will not be able to issue a refund unless you have the golf course voucher “signed off” by the golf course Professional indicating they will not charge us for the round. Your refund will be processed as soon as possible after the course refunds the Money to MBGM and a refund check will be mailed to the group leader.
• On package rounds that include GIFT CARDS your refund will be for cart and greens only less credit card processing fees on the deposit and refund.
• Package rounds that are FREE REPLAYS do not qualify for rain checks or refunds.



• Myrtle Beach GolfMasters will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Money Orders, Certified Checks or Personal Checks for payment. All packages must be paid in full 21 days prior to arrival or if booking within 21 days of arrival, full payment is due upon booking. There is a $35 fee for returned checks.

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