The Final Four has been set for the hardwood but the golf version has a winner. Based on the quality of golf each university in the NCAA field of 64 offers its students, Luke Kerr-Dineen and Golf Digest is what their tournament predictions have been based on. Yes, a 16 seed finally has beaten a #1 and made the run to the Championship. It is our own COASTAL CAROLINA (CCU). Coastal, home of the Hackler Course, has one of the nation’s best Professional golf Management Programs.

In the Golf Digest brackets, Coastal knocked off #1 seed Virginia first and them teed off on George Washington, U of Cincinnati and UNC before besting Stanford in the final four and topping Texas in the Championship match.

Golf Digest picked Coastal as it 2014 champion with recognition that “golf is synonymous with the Coastal Carolina culture. With one 5 star rated and twenty seven 4.5 star rated publice courses all within 50 miles of the university, and the school itself offering a PGA Golf Management program, it’s a clear winner.”

You can also be a clear winner by purchasing a Myrtle Beach Golf Package from Myrtle Beach Golfmasters. We have access not only to the 5 and 4.5 star rated courses but the other 20+ 4 star rated courses and the Hackler course as well. We can put together a golf package that fits virtually any budget. Just give us a call at 1-800-974-8064 and get your champion’s golf package.

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