We all see the advertisements stating that if you buy now, you save money. I think we have seen them all so many times that have have been desensitized by them and that statement doesn’t hold any real value. All of us here at Myrtle Beach GolfMasters have been trying to get this point across when it comes to booking your yearly golf package and cannot stress it enough!

The Myrtle Beach golf scene is forever changing. Several years ago, there was no such thing as booking golf packages online. Everything was done by picking up the phone and calling. Today, we can grab our iPhone or other mobile device, click a few buttons and book a golf package without speaking to another human being! Since golf in Myrtle Beach is shifting to this type of behavior (online bookings), how much we pay for each round is also changing…by the minute!

Dynamic pricing is here, whether we like it or not. As tee times fill up, prices increase. So when we say “the earlier you book your Myrtle Beach golf package, the less you pay”, we aren’t joking. There is no fine print with an asterisk beside it with a hidden agenda. If you want the best possible price for your Myrtle Beach golf vacation, you must plan in advance.

If you are interested in booking your golf package with the GolfMasters, fill out this form and someone will be in contact with you!

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